About PDA

Whach this short video to learn more about Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) Syndrome and 8 easy steps to managing it, which all focuses on your communication with your child.

For kids with autism, parent-led therapy shows long-term benefits

Learn about a recent study which has revealed that there are lasting benefits from an early childhood program for autism– one that is dependant upon a parents’ communications skill.

Quick tips that help!

1 in 68 of children in America are diagnosed with Autism and 1 in 5 kids have a learning or attention issue. 5 out of 5 parents can help.

Explore these useful tips, media, and quick reads…

Videos for Parents

Explore the Easy Steps to Parenting Autism Series on YouTube by Michelle Hatcher. Watch one or all eight videos and you’ll find it easier to communicate with your child

Stuck and need help?

Head on over to the Association for Science in Autism Treatment for resources and community groups for help. There’s tons of wonderful tidbits of information and opportunity to connect there.

Entertainment for your child

Enjoy this playlist of videos for speech learning for your child. Be sure to tune your child into healthy entertainment for no longer than a handful of hours per day.